Responsibility is key for a good future

Our social and economic environment is changing dynamically. As a company, this results in considerable tasks for us. Furthermore, we are asking ourselves how we can make a contribution in respect of the societal challenges. If we want to shape a future worth living for the next generations, sustainable and responsible action will play an increasingly important role. It is our responsibility to get involved here. We are committed to this.


We are aware of our responsibility as a company. When we talk about sustainability, we include the areas of environmental/climate protection, social issues and governance in the sense of ESG. As a medium-sized, regionally anchored company, we have already been active in these three sustainability-related areas of responsibility for many years - much longer than they became popular in the public, summarised under the term "sustainability". Despite our commitment so far, we are aware that there is still a lot we can do as well. This is an incentive for us to take further steps towards sustainability in the future.


Environmental and climate protection

As early as the 1980s, we began to implement measures to reduce emissions and energy consumption and to recycle raw materials. One example is the installation of a noise protection and extraction system in the production area, which was coupled with a heat recovery system. A precursor for our environmental management system was our participation in Ökoprofit of the city of Hagen in 2007. The "Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Technology" is an initiative of the North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of the Environment which, together with local authorities and experts, promotes concepts for saving energy, water and waste that can be practically implemented in everyday business. Based on our experience with Ökoprofit, we have established our environmental management system, which has been certified pursuant to ISO 14001 since 2010. In addition, we have initiated several environmental and climate protection projects in recent years: for example, the conversion of our vehicle fleet to electric mobility and the planning and implementation of a photovoltaic system with an output of 215 kWp, which will be completed in 2023. We will use the green electricity generated from the PV plant ourselves in the order of 185,000 kWh per year for our production.

For our production of individual drawing parts according to customer requirements, we purchase raw materials from manufacturers in our region, thus avoiding long delivery routes. Classical commodities that we do not produce ourselves are sourced from manufacturers with whom we have already enjoyed a trusting business relationship over a long period of time. Our aim is to always ensure the most efficient logistics possible through the targeted management of customer orders and our own warehousing.

Social Commitment

Fair treatment of our employees is of great importance to us. This includes, above all, that compliance with the applicable occupational health and safety regulations is a matter of course for us. We attach great importance to continuous and transparent communication with our employees and pay fair wages and salaries. Moreover, we offer our employees targeted training and further education. On the one hand, we use the Gevag Academy for company-specific training. On the other hand, we also offer interdisciplinary, specialist qualifications in cooperation with partners such as the Schraubenfachakademie of the Deutscher Schraubenverband.

Our key element is to offer young people a future. The basis for this is a sound education. That is why we provide comprehensive commercial and industrial training and offer apprenticeships every year.


Young people can start their careers with us in the following training courses:

  • Management assistant for wholesale and foreign trade management
  • Metal technology specialist
  • Machine and plant operator
  • Toolmaker

During training, we focus on treating young people in a respectful and supportive manner. We not only emphasise the teaching of technical skills, but also the development of personal strengths such as communication and cooperation.


We reject corruption and any kind of advantage in any form. Our employees responsible for purchasing and sales are instructed accordingly. We comply with antitrust law. Any offer of a violation of antitrust law by third parties is rejected by our employees at the outset and reported to the appropriate authorities. We comply with applicable export regulations and check the corresponding sanctions lists for new business contacts. Cash payments and other unusual business transactions are rejected by us and reported to the relevant authorities if necessary. We raise the awareness of our employees affected by this who are also trained accordingly.


Our environmental chronicle

1985   Commissioning of noise protection and extraction systems at the Breckerfeld plant.
1988   Reuse of paper and cardboard further return to the recycling loop.
1989   Connection of the extraction systems to a heat recovery system for feeding into the hall heating system
1998   Investment in a new screw washing plant with water recovery system    
2001   Partial conversion of the hall lighting to energy-saving systems.
2006   Participation in ÖKOPROFIT 2007 (City of Hagen) to analyse environmental protection conditions and preparation for conversion to the environmental management system according to ISO 14001; establishment of an environmental team and precise waste separation throughout the company.
2007   Successful award by the environmental agency, the state of NRW and the environmental authority in the ÖKOPROFIT 2007 project.
2008   Expansion of the noise protection and extraction systems at the Breckerfeld plant.
2010   Certification of the environmental management system according to ISO 14001 by TÜV Nord with annual recertifications.
2021   Commissioning of energy-saving lighting systems in Hagen.    
2022   Settlement of two bee colonies on the company premises in Hagen-Eilpe to counteract bee mortality and strengthen the ecosystem
2022   Installation of a heat recovery system to use the waste heat from the compressors to heat the water treatment plants.
2022   Commissioning of energy-saving lighting systems in Breckerfeld.
2022   Conversion of the vehicle fleet to e-mobility as of 2022
2023   Commissioning of a photovoltaic system with an output of 215 kWp in 2023