High performance in direct screwing: Our screw brands KUNST & TAP

Screws of our established brands Gevag KUNST and Gevag TAP ensure an efficient and reliable direct screwing. The proven Gevag KUNST screw is developed and optimised for direct screwing in thermoplastics. The Gevag TAP self-tapping screw offers fast and secure joining assembly for steel, light and non-ferrous metals. The advantage: Thanks to the self-tapping screw, work steps and costs incurred by thread-cutting, thread-cleaning and the respective tools are eliminated.


Gevag KUNST screws form the thread for secure fastening in thermoplastics on their own.

The proven screws of the Gevag KUNST brand have been specifically developed for self-forming screwing in thermoplastics and have been used for reliable direct screwing for years. As opposed to self-tapping screws that cut the thread into the material, these self-forming screws take advantage of the ductility of the thermoplastic material, form it without cutting and solidify it in the process. The result: a particularly secure screw joint.

The screwing of these special products takes place in injected or drilled core holes, which requires only a relatively low screwing-in torque. In terms of design, our KUNST brand screws are characterised by a large thread pitch, their small core diameter and a flank angle of 30°. This ensures an optimal screwing with high pull-out strength and without damaging the material. Thanks to the small core diameter, cracking and bulging can be avoided.

Advantages of Gevag KUNST

  • Small radial forces – low radial extension
  • Low screwing-in torque
  • Tremendous resilience thanks to high thread bearing strength
  • No damages to the material
  • Individually configurable and available in many different head shapes and thread diameters (1.8 – 6 mm)

Used in various industries:

  • Household appliances
  • Medical engineering
  • Energy
  • Automotive

Gevag TAP – self-tapping screws for secure joining of steel, light and non-ferrous metals

Our Gevag TAP self-tapping screws according to DIN 7500 cut metric threads into steel as well as light and non-ferrous metals. Their trilobular-shaped thread makes screwing into a drilled or punched hole possible without pre-cutting a mating thread. Their thread-grooving ability ensures a chipless screwing process creating a metric ISO mating thread with relatively small effort thanks to the low screwing-in torque. This saves work processes and also ensures a backlash-free thread and therefore a very good frictional connection between the screw and the material of the component. The mating thread in the component is shaped to accept a commercially available screw, providing optimum compatibility. Gevag TAP is available in different head-shapes and thread diameters (M2 – M6) for various tool holders and individually configurable.


Advantages of Gevag TAP

  • No separate thread-cutting is necessary
  • Cost savings up to 30% compared to screws that require drilling a nut thread
  • The grooved thread is metric, which means that a commercially available screw with ISO thread can be fitted
  • No chips during the screwing process
  • Screwing with little effort due to low grooving torque

Used in various industries:

  • Automotive industry
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Household appliances

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