Protect, seal and secure: Washers according to DIN/ISO standards or as high-quality design parts

In addition to screws, bolts and nuts, washers are among the most important elements of joining technology. They absorb frictional and pressure forces that arise when the screw or nut is tightened and, depending on the design, they can protect, seal or secure. Gevag washers are available in the highest quality and numerous designs – each precisely tailored to your area of application and your specific requirements. Washers, precisely chosen for your application, either as high-quality standard parts according to DIN or ISO or as individual designs parts, contribute substantially to a secure bolted joint.


Washers according to DIN or ISO: When standard is more than standard

Washers fulfil various functions: Compared to screw heads or nuts, they increase the contact area that exerts pressure on the component. This lowers the surface pressure and reduces the risk of deformation, especially in case of soft or thin components, when preload increases. Washers with a special surface or geometry also enable securing the bolted joint against self-loosening. The sealing of bolted joints, which is necessary in some cases, can also be accomplished with appropriate washers.


We offer you a broad range of high-quality washers according to DIN and ISO standards both in terms of design and geometry as well as in terms of materials and surfaces. Matching the washers precisely to the respective application and the screws or nuts used, we offer you a holistic joining solution.


The outstanding quality of our washers has already proven itself in numerous applications in various industries. Among others, customers from the electrical, household and lighting industries as well as from mechanical engineering and the automotive sector rely on Gevag's precisely fitting washers.

Broad range of DIN or ISO washers

  • Flat washer without chamfer
  • Flat washer with chamfer
  • Spring rings
  • Spring washers
  • Lock washers with nose
  • Washers for cylinder-head bolts
  • Taper washers
  • Square washers
  • Washers for wooden constructions
  • Locking plates
  • Sealing washers
  • Shim washers
  • Washers, hardened
  • Conical spring washer
  • Tooth lock washers
  • Serrated lock washers
  • Spring rings
  • Large diameter washer
  • Rosettes
  • Schnorr® washer

Design parts – are the be-all and end-all!

Together with our long-term partners, we realise individually manufactured washers for special application areas according to samples or customer drawings. Thanks to our experience and know-how in the production of design parts, special requests in terms of design, quality or the materials used can be perfectly adapted to your requirements. In addition, we provide the necessary tests and acceptance certificates. Our personal consulting guarantees you the perfect solution even for demanding tasks.

With the help of our expertise, ensure efficient C-parts management of washers and thus maximum flexibility from a single source: According to your individual specifications, our experts define the suitable manufacturing process and choose the appropriate manufacturer for your precisely fitting special parts or design parts from a worldwide supplier portfolio. Take advantage of our professional consulting and support during the development process so that you get a technically and economically optimal solution.

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