Customised logistics concepts and parts management for screws and other joining elements

We offer customised storage and delivery services so that our customers can concentrate fully on their core business. Our proven logistics concepts ensure that all required parts in any batch size are always available reliably and on time for our customers' production processes. This makes us a powerful partner for optimising parts management for screws and joining elements of all kinds and guarantees constant availability of over 20,000 items as well as fast delivery – usually within 24 hours.



Using individual logistics services, we ensure the optimal flow of goods and make the procurement processes for screws and a wide variety of joining elements for our customers as simple and efficient as possible. Sophisticated C-parts management and the use of Kanban systems have proven to increase the efficiency of our customers' logistics processes. Tried and tested solutions for individual requirements in the fields of sorting and packaging complement our service offering.


Renowned manufacturers from a wide range of industries also benefit from our expertise in the field of customised concepts for management of small load carriers and for establishing consignment warehouses. Highest service quality, transparency and reliability guarantee maximum customer satisfaction in the field of logistics and parts management.

Cost advantage of sorting: We sort and deliver screws and other joining elements according to individual criteria

On request, we offer sorting of screws and other joining elements according to individual customer specifications, such as head diameter, head height, length or thread, and thus criteria can also be defined according to specific needs, such as checking for head cracks, checking spanner flats for defects, checking of internal threads or tip designs.

Thanks to our digitally controlled sorting services, our customers get the required joining components reliably pre-sorted and optimally matched for trouble-free processing of the products in the subsequent production process.

This approach does not only reduce labour-intensive and therefore cost-intensive sorting processes, but also helps to reduce disruptions in the manufacturing and assembly process caused by wrong or defective screws or other joining elements.

From blister pack to set packaging: We supply joining components in customised packaging

For the special packaging requirements of our customers, we offer a wide range of options: In addition to the usual packaging standards such as boxes or bags, we can also provide individual single packaging in blisters, set packaging, packaging according to customer-specific cleanliness specifications or packaging in vacuum bags on request.


Well stored: Compensating stock bottlenecks or using just-in-time delivery

In case of bottlenecks in your storage capacities or for just-in-time concepts, we offer high storage capacities. Thanks to our comprehensive finished goods warehouse at the Hagen location, we can buffer flows of goods and realise just-in-time deliveries with maximum reliability. We coordinate supply chains – regionally, nationally or internationally – with the aim of supplying your production processes efficiently and in line with your needs. You can concentrate on your core business, while we reliably control the logistics processes in the background.


Customised logistics solutions: from C-parts management and kanban systems to consignment warehouses

Together with our customers, we develop tailor-made logistics concepts. For this we offer comprehensive expertise in systematic C-parts management and in the management of small load carriers for companies of all sizes. In combination with the efficient use of kanban systems and the establishment of consignment warehouses, we ensure the seamless supply of materials to your production processes.

By continuously monitoring and optimizing supply chains and storage capacities, we offer maximum security of supply and help to increasing the efficiency and profitability of our customers' procurement and logistics processes.