High assembly safety thanks to sorting of the required joining elements

Whether in the production of household appliances, in mechanical engineering or in the automotive industry: Assembly processes of many of our customers require high precision. Reliability in the feeding process – among other things with highly accurate joining elements – plays a significant role with regard to the quality of the end product as well as reliability of production. With fail-safe sorting services based on state-of-the-art technological processes, we also support our customers in the reliable supply of highly exact screws, bolts, nuts and washers.


Quality claims have increased in all industries, oftentimes with the goal of “zero errors”. With our sorting process according to customer-specific criteria, we help you to fulfil your quality claim. For example, we check dimensions, threads, spanner flats, surfaces and coatings for you, as well as a defined freedom from defects and reliably sort the joining elements according to individually agreed criteria or tolerance ranges. This way, our professional and customer-specific sorting ensures a problem-free processing of the joining elements in your production process without requiring you to undertake work and cost-intensive sorting processes yourself.

Our sorting services works with state-of-the-art technology. For example, we use systems for a highly precise mechanical sorting like our glass plate and slot plate systems. In addition, we use several high-tech testing systems for visual inspection with the latest optical technology. If needed, we also use eddy current technology.

Our testing systems

Thanks to our extensive range of equipment for testing and sorting of joining elements, we can use the most suitable process for the task in hand.


Glass plate systems

  • Three installations
  • Used for testing screws, nuts, washers
  • Processing speeds of up to 1,000 items per minute
  • 2– 25 mm head height
  • 10– 35 mm head diameter

Testing criteria for example:

  • Visible cracks in the component
  • Errors in the power drive
  • Presence of thread
  • Burrs/chips in the transmitted light method
  • Geometries
  • and other criteria

Slot plate systems with shadow-light and incident light method

  • Four installations
  • Used for testing screws, rivets, sleeves
  • Processing speeds of up to 600 items per minute
  • Dimension area from M3 up to M8
  • Component length up to 80 mm

Testing criteria for example:

  • Head cracks
  • Head shape
  • Crests
  • Threads
  • Geometry
  • Bending
  • And other criteria


  • Five installations
  • Highly technological, electronical image processing
  • Special optical lenses
  • Extremely demanding testing tasks are possible

Testing criteria for example:

  • Visible cracks in the component
  • Errors in power drive
  • Presence of thread
  • Burrs/chips in the transmitted light method
  • Geometries
  • And other criteria

Sorting service for demanding requirements

In many areas of assembly, extreme precision is required in order to ensure process reliability and a high quality goal. The accuracy and freedom from defects of the power drive and thread, for example, are significant for the reliability of assembly processes and the joining. With our extensive and specialised equipment, we offer testing and sorting processes for demanding requirements. Whether screws, nuts, washers or rivets: Using state-of-the-art technological processes, we reliably sort joining elements according to your parameters. Benefit from our expertise in order to achieve your quality goal in the area of joining elements.