High-quality properties of screws, bolts, nuts and other joining elements by means of individual surface optimisations

In the case of projects with specific requirements regarding the properties of joining elements, Gevag is the right partner. We optimise all types of screws, bolts, nuts or washers by specific functional or optical adaptation of the surface properties. Our goal is always to provide our customers with tailor-made joining solutions that offer not only the highest quality but also the best possible functionality for the respective requirement. For this purpose, we provide targeted advice on different options for finishing and surface treatment of our diverse joining components.



Demanding joining solutions often require the use of specific components that cannot be found in the suppliers' standard range of products when considering the required surface properties. Gevag has many years of experience in product processing to optimise the quality of screws, bolts, nuts, washers and individual joining elements.

Whether standard parts according to DIN and ISO or individually produced design and special parts – we offer various processes to optimise the surface properties functionally or optically and thus adapt them to the required application area and the specific needs of our customers. For particularly demanding areas of application, such as in automotive or medical technology, we also offer fine cleaning of our products.

Optimisation for demanding areas of application: from metallic finishing and coating up to passivation

To improve durability or optical appearance, Gevag offers a variety of surface finishing processes. On request, we enhance joining elements with surfaces made of zinc, zinc nickel, copper, brass or tin – depending on the intended use and requirements of our customers. We also offer a wide variety of coatings, sealings, slide coatings, adhesive and sealing coatings as well as surfaces with cathodic dip coating and passivation of joining elements to improve corrosion protection.

Together with our customers, we always find the ideal solution for particularly high demands on the joining components used and guarantee optimal quality of the surface finish as well.

Fine cleaning for technical cleanliness – we offer maximum cleanliness for sensitive joining components

For highest cleanliness requirements, we offer our customers industrial fine cleaning of the required joining components upon request. For this purpose, we clean our products according to common standards to guarantee defined cleanliness conditions for subsequent assembly or application processes.

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, joining elements can be degreased, de-oiled, finely and ultra-finely cleaned. We perform these tasks based on the specific needs of our customers or according to current industry standards such as VDA 19.1 and ISO 16232. We provide our customers with products of exactly the cleanliness needed to ensure the required specifications in the respective areas of application.