Screws and bolts in highest quality according to DIN/ISO standards as well as special designs following individual requirements by customers

We offer a broad selection of high-quality screws and bolts – depending on your requirements in combination with washers and nuts or for direct screwing into wood, sheet metal, plastic or other materials. In addition to high-quality standard parts in accordance with DIN/ISO, we also specialise in the creation and manufacture of custom-fit, individually produced design parts according to customer requirements.


Screws and bolts in accordance with DIN and ISO

We supply a wide range of high-quality screws and bolts in compliance with DIN and ISO for optimum use in many areas of application. Our products are suitable for both direct screwing and bolting in combination with washers and nuts for a wide variety of different materials.

Thanks to many qualified partners in regional, national and global markets, we can ensure a constantly high and reliable supply for our customers. Due to this flexibility and our broad range of products, we offer ideal availability and efficient C-parts management all from a single source.


Please find our complete range of screws and bolts according to DIN/ISO standards here for download


Planning and production of screws and bolts as customer-specific special parts

For a permanently reliable joining solution, one small detail can often make a great difference. Whether it is a slight deviation from well-known standards or a complex, individual geometry as a special design – with many years of expertise in the production of customised design and special parts, Gevag is the right partner. We create individual joining solutions “made in Germany” with a large vertical range of manufacture in our own production.


Apart from design parts according to our customers’ requirements, we also offer (sheet) screw-and-washer assemblies.

Take advantage of our vast experience in production, application and processes. Gevag offers competent consulting – from the idea to the product ready for series production.

Technical specifications screws and bolts

Dimension areas cold forming:

  • 1.6 – 24 mm diameter
  • More dimensions upon request (hot production)


  • DIN/ISO and special materials
  • Bi-metal, steel, stainless steel, brass
  • Other materials upon request
  • REACH and RoHS-compliant

Surface finishing

  • Galvanisation
  • Hot-dip galvanising
  • Corrosion protection (black-oxidising, oxidising, powder coating, ...)
  • Metallic
  • Anorganic
  • Organic

Types of screws:

  • Drilling screws
  • Chipboard panel screws
  • Drywall screws
  • Screws with metric regular thread
  • Screws with fine thread
  • Self-tapping screws according to DIN7500
  • Thread-forming screws for direct screwing in plastics
  • Screws for thin sheets
  • Screws for (licensed) special threads

Types of screw tips:

  • Drilling tip
  • Scraper groove
  • Other tips upon request

Types of threads

  • Metric ISO thread / pointed thread 
  • Metric ISO fine thread 
  • Grooving threads according to DIN 7500-1
  • Forming threads (direct screwing into plastics)
  • UNC and UNF threads
  • Other thread alternatives by (licensed) special threads

Types of screw drives

  • All common drives
  • Licensed screw drives

Attachment tips

  • Licensed attachment tips to prevent the so-called “cross-threading” effect

We offer development and production of individual special and design parts

  • Plastite screws for use in plastics
  • Screw-and-washer assemblies for a wide range of uses
  • Sheet screws for use in light metals and thin sheets
  • Screws for use in duroplastics
  • Self-tapping screws
  • All types of metric screws
  • Screws with all common drives as well as with licensed screw drives
  • Screws with licensed attachment tips to prevent “cross-threading”

Industries and applications

Typical industries and uses of Gevag screws and bolts:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Lighting engineering
  • Heating and sanitary engineering
  • Agricultural machinery manufacturers
  • Automotive industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Household appliances (white goods)
  • Future-oriented industries


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