Wide range of nuts according to DIN/ISO or as individual design parts

As a counterpart to bolts, nuts ensure a reliable bolted joint. We will put together the ideal combination of bolt or threaded stud and nut for you to ensure an optimum design for your specific application. For this purpose, we offer a wide range of high-quality nuts according to DIN and ISO standards. Furthermore, we also meet your specific customer requirements by designing precisely fitting nuts according to your specifications. Take advantage of our know-how and extensive industry experience for your project.


Nuts according to DIN and ISO standards – highest quality with standardised designs

In construction and industry, virtually no other tool in the field of clamping technology is as common as the nut, as it ensures in combination with screws and bolts a reliable joining of components. Due to their diversity, nuts offer enormous potential for optimal joining under the given conditions, for example with functions to prevent self-loosening or functions for special applications.


The variety of applications, materials, outer contours, width across flats, thread diameters, nut heights as well as coarse and fine threads requires the nuts to be perfectly matched to the bolts in order to actually exploit the existing potential. Example: If a hot-dip galvanised bolt was produced with the usual tolerance range, its thread has an oversize after galvanisation, which must be taken into account when choosing the nut. We know all issues that need to be considered when pairing nuts and bolts. Take advantage of our expertise.


Gevag offers you standardised nuts according to DIN and ISO standards for numerous applications: Our standard portfolio comprises a broad variety of designs, from the classic hexagon nut to specialities such as castellated nuts or weld nuts. Of particular importance to us for all variants is an outstanding quality, which we ensure through strict quality controls.

Please find our complete range of nuts according to DIN/ISO standards standards here for download


Enormous variety: Nuts for various applications in clamping technology

  • Hexagon nuts
  • Wing nuts
  • Pipe nuts
  • Knurled nuts
  • T-slot nuts
  • Slotted nuts
  • 2-hole nuts
  • Capstan nuts
  • Square nuts
  • Lifting eye nuts
  • Cap nuts
  • Weld nuts
  • Weld-on nuts
  • Castellated nuts
  • Locknuts
  • Self-locking nut (Pal nuts)
  • Nuts with large width across flats
  • Nuts with flange
  • Drive-in nuts
  • Insert nut
  • VERBUS Ripp® nuts

Customization of nuts: individual design parts according to customer requirements

Do you need a special solution for your project? Whether non-standard nuts such as special flare nuts, press-in nuts and nut-and-washer assemblies or special materials and special geometries – with our many years of experience, we implement your design part with highest precision. If required, our engineering department will develop the precisely fitting nut for your individual application and provides all the necessary tests and acceptance certificates.

Thanks to our know-how and many years of experience, we ensure the production of even unusual special parts in high quality, large quantities and many delivery batches. Our consulting services include the development as well as the production of your special part, so that you get an optimal and also extremely economical product.

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