GEVAG is part of Wilhelm Wippermann AG, the Hagen-based supplier of industrial chains and sprockets.


GEVAG | joining elements,fastening elements,thread inserts,threads
GEVAG | joining elements,fastening elements,thread inserts,threads

The joining techniques of yesterday have no place
in the cutting-edge technologies of today and the future.

New technologies are being established constantly. The awareness of sophisticated products is greater than ever before. The people who develop and use these products, for one, as well as the consumers of these products place great trust in the materials we use, our processing quality and especially in service.

Years ago, a future-oriented view of joining technology was still regarded as visionary. Today the joining elements offered by the system provider GEVAG are highly valued and have high market acceptance. The company has found its place in today's market.

Increasing the usefulness of its products for consumers and processors has always been a priority for GEVAG.

New products, new ideas, greater attractiveness to our customers - we have achieved all these success factors despite stagnating markets. Developing an appetite for success, mobilising our forces and having the will to do better: all this and more is required to keep one step ahead in an ever more narrowly defined and more dynamic market.

Franz Kafka said that "paths are made by walking".

So let's get started. Let's make use of the opportunity to take on new challenges together, again and again. This philosophy must be lived out each day, with courage, energy and ideas, in a consistent and professional manner.

Give us a challenge!

Your GEVAG Team