GEVAG is part of Wilhelm Wippermann AG, the Hagen-based supplier of industrial chains and sprockets.


GEVAG | joining elements,fastening elements,thread inserts,threads


"Quality creates trust. It is the customer who should return and not the product"

All activities of GEVAG GmbH are based on compliance with the law. In addition, the company is committed to continuous improvement. In this respect, the principles of strategic management are fixed components of our corporate philosophy, supplemented by the stipulation and evaluation of quality targets.

All employees recognise and treat our customers as the focal point of the company's efforts.

The quality policy of GEVAG GmbH has been incorporated into the following principles which form the basis of our day-to-day activities. This is confirmed by issuing a certificate in accordance with an managementsystem according the Norm 16949.

Guidelines to GEVAG's Quality Policy:

  • In terms of company goals, quality ranks alongside preservation of the company through prudent market activities.
  • All employees recognise and treat the customer as the focus of all efforts made by our company.
  • Our integrated management system ensures that major potential for improvements in the organisation are identified in all areas of the company and become part of our continuous improvement process.
  • We carry out regular assessments of our management system and check our work against our achievement of the specified goals.
  • We promote the motivation of our employees by offering regular education and training in all fields and an internal and external exchange of major issues.
  • We aim to be fair and open in our dealings with each other and with our customers, partners, suppliers and competitors.
  • We promote the technical exchange of information with our customers, suppliers and partners when it comes to all current issues concerning quality.
  • When planning and performing our services, we always use the current state of technology as our minimum starting point.
  • We regard saving energy and resources as important components of our day-to-day performance.
  • To ensure that our suppliers and contract partners set the same quality standards as we do, we assess and evaluate their performance at regular intervals.
GEVAG | joining elements,fastening elements,thread inserts,threads